Three Gun Steel Matches

Three Gun Steel Matches

More information:
contact Dan Hurda or contact Steve Chula.

3 Gun – Cheap Shot

The basic course of fire is 6 stages of five 8"x 8" steel squares in 30 seconds or less. Unlimited ammo for 3 Gun and Cheap Shot.

Course of fire

  • 25 yards – Shotgun with buckshot
  • 25 yards – Center-fire handgun, strong hand only
  • 50 yards – Center-fire handgun with two hands
  • 75 yards – Shotgun with slugs
  • 100 meters – Centerfire rifle standing only
  • 200 meters – Centerfire rifle standing, kneeling, sitting or prone (NO Bipods or other added support)

Shooters or their spotters may be asked to reset hit targets out to 75 yards.

Any sights may be used.

SAFETY: Guns may only be loaded on the line at the command of the range officer. (This does not include pre-loading magazines that must NOT be put into the gun prior to the range officer’s command.) After shooting your string, you may not leave the line until your gun is certified empty & clear by the designated safety officer. Any guns or ammunition that the range officer deems unsafe will be removed from the event. Commands and decisions of the range officer are final. While anyone is down range, no one may handle an uncased firearm, but you may handle ammo and load magazines.

Range officer commands:

  • To the firing line
  • Load your weapons
  • FIRE – 30 seconds
  • Unload and show clear
  • Case and rack
  • Target reset

Member price for everyone JUST $5!
Ammo cost too much??
The "Cheap Shot". Bring a .22 rifle and shoot the whole thing for just a few bucks