High Power Rifle Matches


For more information about this league:
contact Dave Andrew or contact Randy Holterman

High Power Rifle

High Power Rifle has been shot in competition since the late 1800’s with the famed National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio the well-known focus of the shooting year.

A High Power match is shot from Prone, Sitting and Offhand (standing), with both slow and rapid fire stages. It often includes 50 rounds fired but can go up to 100.

Typically shot at 200-600 yards, we shoot on the 200 yard range with reduced size targets. (Learn to think of 200 yards as short range!)

The yearly DBCL New Shooters Match gives shooters a chance to try the sport.

DBCL members have the opportunity to just have fun shooting in local matches, or shoot at the State and National Matches including support of, and participation on, the WI State team at Camp Perry.

All matches are open to club members, guests, and non-members.

2023 Wednesday Nights National Match Course Practice.

Also available:  the High Power Rifle Match flyer.

The season starts in early April, check the DBCL calendar for dates.

Time: Sign up by 4:50 pm, Firing starts at 5:00 pm.
Fee: $5 entry.
Rules: Current CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules will apply.
Alibis: Alibis will only be given if it is no fault of the competitor or his/her equipment, per CMP rules (2021 rule 3.9.3, 5.2.6, 5.2.7).

50NMC nights.

Time: Sign up by 4:50 pm, Firing starts at 5:00 pm.
Fee: $5 entry.

Course of Fire: 50 Shot National Match course, (2 optional unscored sighting shots before each stage).
Stage 1: Slow Fire Offhand: 2 optional sighters + 10 Record Shots, 12 Minute Time Limit, SR Target, 200yd.
Stage 2: Rapid Sitting or Kneeling, 10 Record shots (with magazine change), 60 Second Time Limit, SR Target, 200yd.
Stage 3: Rapid Prone, 10 Record Shots (with magazine change), 70 Second Time Limit, SR-42 Target, 200yd.
Stage 4: Slow Fire Prone: 2 optional sighters + 20 Shots 22 Minute Time limit, MR-52 Target, 200yd.

League Awards: Achievement Pins will be awarded for the following accomplishments:
Offhand: 100 - Rapids: 100-8 Iron/100-9 Scoped -Slow Prone: 200-10 Iron/200-15 Scoped - Aggregate: 495 Iron/497 Scoped

Offhand nights.

Time: Sign up by 4:50 pm, firing starts at 5:00 pm for Relays 1+2.
Sign up by 5:50 pm, firing starts at 6:00pm for Relays 3+4.
Fee: $5 entry for the night. You may fire in two matches if you wish. (example: shoot relay 1+3, or 2+4 etc).
Course Of Fire:  Offhand: 2 Sighting shots + 20 Record Shots, 25 minute time Limit, SR Target, 200yd
(3 minute preparation period is combined into the block time for a total of 25 minutes)

Awards: Achievment Pins will be awarded for every "clean" score of 200.

Teddy Roosevelt Presidents 100 match.

Course Of Fire: CMP "Presidents" Course, (in reverse) 30 Shot, (NO SIGHTING SHOTS).
Stage 1: 10 Rounds Prone, Slow Fire, 10 Minute Time limit, MR-52 Target, 200yd.
Stage 2: 10 Rounds Rapid Fire Prone (From Standing), 70 Second Time Limit, SR-42 Target, 200yd.
Stage 2: 10 Rounds Slow Fire Offhand, 10 Minute Time Limit, SR Target, 200yd.

Modern Infantry match

Spirit and Intent: This match is to fire a similar course of fire to US Military Rifle Qualification Matches.  All Modern and Vintage "military style" rifles are allowed.  Anything goes, if it is close to any issue type rifle new, old or foreign or domestic, it is allowed.  This will be a "Minimal Equipment Match".  (No shooting Coats, stools or carts on the firing position).  Spotting scopes, Mats, and slings are permitted.  This match will be able to be fired with 40 rounds of ammo.  No sighting shots.

Course of Fire:
Stage 1: Slow Fire Prone, 15 Shots in 15 Minute Time Limit (SR Target).
Stage 2: Sustained Fire, Prone from standing, 10 Shots, 70 Second time limit (SR Target).
Stage 3: Slow Fire, 15 Shots in 20 Minute Time Limit (SR Target).
-5 Shots Sitting, transition to:
-5 Shots Kneeling, transition to:
-5 Shots Standing
Notes: During Slow fire, magazine Fed or single-load is permitted, 1 Minute Prep periods for each stage.

Awards: Honorable Mention to: Match Winner, High Iron Sights, High Vintage Rifle


Modern Infantry Match