The Tactical Challenge


For more information about this league:
contact Dan Hurda or contact Marty Hageman.

Tactical Challenge dates for 2024 season.

8:00 am match setup, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm match.
Saturday, April 27.
Saturday, May 25.
Saturday, June 29.
Saturday, July 27.
Saturday, September 14.

ALL RANGE SAFETY RULES will be observed. PLEASE read, understand and follow them.

The DBCL Tactical Challenge Match is focused on providing a challenging activity for the experienced shooter or a training/practice event for the less experienced and youth shooter.  In Tactical Challenge, shooters will engage block style silhouettes at ranges from 15 to 65 yards, shooting from cover and multiple positions.

Meet your fellow club members, develop skills, engage in friendly competition, mentor a young or new shooter.  Match FEE: 2 rounds for $5.00, the Tactical Challenge match is open to DBCL members and non-members.

Match Divisions / Round Count

Multi-Gun (centerfire or rimfire): 31 carbine rounds and 12 Pistol rounds.
Carbine Only (centerfire or rimfire): 46 carbine rounds.
PCC (pistol caliber carbine): 46 pistol rounds.

Target Engagement

Targets must be engaged in the prescribed sequence and order from behind cover at three shooting stations.  Each Target Board is engaged with two rounds into the lower 9-inch plate and one round into the 6-inch top plate.  The BONUS Clay target is engaged with one round fired at the 4-inch CLAY, stopping the clock for TOTAL TIME TAKEN.


Tactical challenge targetSix block target boards will be arranged from 15 yards to 65 yards, with a 9-inch CENTER and a 6-inch TOP paper plate.  There will be a bonus clay target set at 70 yards.  There may be RED (no hit) plates randomly placed.

Tactical challenge range


This is a timed match. Score will be TOTAL TIME, +penaltiy time, -bonus time.
There will be a 5 second penalty added to your time for each MISSED shot.
There will be a 10 second penalty added to your time for each hit on a RED plate hit (no hit plate).
There will be a 10 second penalty added to your time for each position or target board shot out of order.
There will be a 15 second bonus deducted from your time for a Clay target hit.