Outdoor 3D Archery


For more information about this league:
contact Joe Porwoll.

The 3-D archery course has various Reinhart targets set at distances between 13 and 80 yards with 3 elevated platforms. The 32-station league course runs from mid-April to mid-August. In addition, there is a warm-up area and long-distance shooting lanes.

3D Archery League - 2024

The 3D archery league will run from April 21st through August 17th consisting of 18 rounds of competition. The course layout will be essentially unchanged with 32 targets, 16 of which will designate a round.  The specific targets for each week will be posted on the bulletin board near the course entry.  We will be using the Pacific Bow Butts field targets on August 17th and one prior evening to shoot round 18.  This will provide an opportunity to enjoy some face-to-face competition.  The only requirement for the league is all rounds must be completed by noon on August 17th, otherwise participants may complete rounds in sequence whenever they choose.  Anyone can join the league at any time although it becomes increasingly challenging for them to complete the rounds by the end date as the season progresses.

There are no designated days of the week for shooting 3D Archery League.  The season has beginning and end dates but can be shot any day the club is open.  There are 18 weeks the league shoots, and 18 scorecards submitted by each shooter.  Shooters have flexibility to shoot any week’s course anytime during the 3D season.  The only exception to scheduled week’s flexibility is for Week 18, which is Aug 17.

Scoring of total gross score will be tracked by 3-person team (top 2 of 3), Senior (over 65), adult male, adult female, teenager and child 12 and under.  The targets are not suitable for crossbows or broadheads; however, a 30-point handicap will be applied for anyone shooting recurve or straight bows.  First place winners in all categories will receive a trophy and their fees returned.

Please fill out the league entry form found on the website (DBCL.org) Bulletin Board and send to me preferably with the entire fee of $90 (members), $145 (non-members) or $50 (teenagers / children 12 & under).

All members and escorted non-members may use the course without joining the league.  A $10 fee for non-members should be deposited in the cash box near entry to the course, non-members must be accompanied by a member per club rules.

Season Setup

Course setup will be April 20th, helpers meet at 8:00 a.m. in the lower parking lot to assist and earn work hours.

Season Results

Results for 2023 season.

Results for 2022 season.

The Course

Only one arrow per target, and as usual, ABSOLUTELY NO broad heads are to be used on our course.

All Club Members using the 3-D course should remember to sign in the same way you do for any other range club facility. This enables us to know who is using the 3-D course, as well as aiding our Caretakers in locating members in the event of an emergency.

Note for league archers: please remember to completely fill out your score cards. This includes, your name, team name, date, week number, member or nonmember and final score. This will be a tremendous help.

See you on the course and have fun!

Important links:

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