Sight-in Clinic and Raffle


For more information on this year's event, browse to the Sight-in Clinic 2022 and Raffle bulletin page.

The Sight-In Clinic, previously known as the Deer Shoot, is an annual event that dates back to the very early years of DBCL’s existence.  Traditionally held in the first two weeks of November, the public is invited to either have one of our Rifleman sight-in their firearms, or to use the range themselves with the assistance our members.

Our Running Deer and Stationary Deer targets are also available for practice and learning.  Lunch, snacks, warm beverages, & desserts are served in the clubhouse during the weekend hours. We also have several raffle prizes.

In addition to raising funds for our Club, this traditional event provides an important service to the public.  We leave a positive impression on the community while enhancing the sportsmanship of hunters by helping to ensure an ethical hunt.