Daniel Boone Conservation League is well known for its fantastic rifle and handgun ranges, training activities and competitions.  In addition, given the extensive growth in archery hunting popularity, it also has developed extensive field tip archery practice facilities for year round shooting.

Archery target stationsArchery target stations3D Archery open field targets
As you drive into the DBCL grounds on your right are stations with at least two Pacific Bow Butt targets each at 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards.  These two targets include one for crossbow and one for all other bow styles. This area is open all year round.

Indoor shooting is possible all year round, facilitated using video equipment that can be used anytime with training verification.  Our Indoor league uses both video and paper target.

3D Archery open field target3D Archery open field target
Disbursed through the east section of our grounds is a 32-station 3-D course which is set among different topography and fauna.  This course is free to members.  The League has a small participation fee.

Contact the current Indoor and 3D archery chairmen listed in the Powderhorn, club monthly periodical, or website for current schedules.

3D Archery wooded fauna target3D Archery wooded fauna target