Multi-Use (Auxiliary) Range

Multi-use (auxiliary) 100 yard range
Historically built for use only when other ranges were occupied with leagues or matches, this range is now a fully available range with distances of 50 yards and 100 yards.  Almost any rimfire, centerfire, black-powder, or high-power air pistol or rifle is allowed, so long as it fires a single projectile.  Shotguns are also allowed, but only for shooting slugs or sabots.

Shooting stations have overhead lights for better vision and bell/light warnings for going down range.

Multi-use (auxiliary) 50 yard range
This range also features a "Running Deer" target, which is an electric trolley system that enables attachment of a full-size deer silhouette or other various configurations for shooting a moving target.  Members can use the Running Deer system once trained on its operation.