Bulletin Board Post

25 and 50 year Membership Pins

The following members will be presented with their 25-year and 50-year Daniel Boone Conservation League Membership Pins at the October 6th, 2020 General Meeting.

If you know or see them, please encourage them to come to the October meeting.

The 50-year group have been asked to share some interesting anecdotes about the club.

Members that joined in 1970

Esser, Thomas R.
Foshey, Richard
Scheel, Roger
Shilling, Richard A.
Zimmermann, Kurt

Members that joined in 1995

Baylis, Ellis G
Bespalec, Dale A
Brandner, Rock R
Dauss, James F.
Gale, Michael H.
Giovannetti, Byron E
Harris, H. Dick
Hartman, Larry C
Lewis, Jeffrey S
Merten, James
Oberbeck, William K.
Palese, Jr., John A.
Reed, William H.
Shotton, Kenneth E.
Strobel, John M

Last updated: 09/16/2020